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What if you devoted this year to loving yourself...

Our living fearlessly retreat creates a safe space for you to connect with

like-minded women, love yourself unconditionally and return home with tools to create the life you love. 

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Our focus


Identify and overcome your limiting beliefs and blindspots through inner work.


Embrace the beauty in every curve of your body through art therapy and harness your feminine energy.


Learn a traditional method of Japanese meditation to create balance and healing for your mind and soul.

Are you ready to join us?

Our retreat may be just what you need if...

You are done:

​​  X   feeling like you are not good enough

  X   struggling with negative body image

  X   unable to express your authentic self

  X   pleasing others at the expense of your


  X   trouble finding or keeping love

  X   feeling stuck in all aspects of life

You are ready to:

During our time together, you will..


and embrace your authentic self

Break Free

from what's holding you back


your body and natural beauty


from what's holding you back

Day 1 at the retreat

10 am

Breakfast & Intention Setting
a safe space to share your intentions for the weekend

2 pm

Ki Meditation with Mindy Sensei
find calm and balance between mind-body-soul through traditional Japanese meditation

11 am

Speak with confidence workshop with Lucas Mattiello
break your limiting beliefs, remove the masks you wear, speak your truth and build confidence 

4 pm

Sharing circle and reflections
reflect on sacred moments of empowerment and transformation

12 pm

Lunch and social

5 pm

End of day 1

Day 2 at the retreat


Breakfast & Intention Setting
a safe space to share your intentions for day 2

10 am

Body positivity art therapy with Raman Samra
experience loving your body through art therapy

11 am

Self-love & Feminine Energy with Raman Samra
learn how to harness your feminine energy to cultivate self-love

12 pm

Lunch & social

1 pm

Law of attraction workshop
create the life that you love through manifestation and vision board

3 pm

connect with your body and mind through dynamic flow and stretches

4 pm

Sharing circle and reflections
reflect on sacred moments of empowerment and transformation

5 pm

End of retreat 

Image by Evie S.

Meet our fearless coaches

Lucas M..jpeg

Hi, I am Lucas Mattiello

I am a Confident Communication Coach, specializing in conquering what holds us back, and to becoming our confident, authentic self.

I lived with anxiety and experienced panic attacks for 15 years. I was struggling, but the fear of looking bad or weak prevented me from getting the help I needed for a long time. When I finally got help, I applied stress management and personal development techniques to overcome my anxiety. This inspired me to become a public speaker. I have coached many entrepreneurs, TEDx speakers, conference speakers, and even Miss Universe contestants to win the crown and be in front of an audience of millions of people. 

I have been featured in Forbes, and I am also an official TEDx Speaking Coach and a best selling author. 

I am looking forward to seeing you at the Living Fearlessly Retreat! During my session, I will guide you through conquering your fear to becoming the most confident and authentic version of yourself. 

Watch my Tedx talk below. Enjoy!

Hi, I am Raman Samra

My expertise is in Art Therapy and Clinical Counselling. As a Clinical Counsellor specializing in Forensic Psychology, I work with a variety of individuals in the community, ranging from mood disorders, trauma, substance use recovery, personality disorder and those in correctional facilities. 


Art is an integral part of my life - I started painting as an outlet for me to express my creativity, and have been able to experience the therapeutic aspect of art. I have been able to combine my passion for art with my counselling practice to offer a unique lens in helping people with their self-discovery and recovery. 


In my personal journey, I have struggled with self-acceptance. I tried to please everyone at the expense of my authenticity. Art and music have been a catalyst in helping me express my authentic side.  As I discovered to be my authentic version, people around me also started to accept me for who I am. 


I am excited to meet you at the Living Fearlessly Retreat, as I will be facilitating exercises utilizing art therapy and counselling to transform your relationship with your body. We will also dive into how you can harness your feminine energy to cultivate self-love. 

Get to know me more through the videos below!  

Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 5_edited.jpg

Hi, I am Mindy Branigan

I have been practicing Ki meditation for 28+ years, while holding a Black Belt in Aikido. I have also been teaching both Ki meditation and Aikido to people of all ages for 20+ years.

Ki Meditation is a traditional Japanese meditation technique. It has been derived from Aikido, which is an ancient form of Japanese martial art. Ki Meditation helps to develop a calm, focused mind, increases energy, puts us in "flow state", improves our health while reducing stress and tension. It is a unique, experiential way to combine mind, body, spirit as one, allowing us to unlock our full potential.

By practicing Ki principles, I have been able to connect and embrace my authentic, natural and ageless grace and beauty. 

During the retreat, we will learn the key principles of Ki meditation, experience calmness by connecting with our mind, body and soul as one, and learn to navigate our daily life with grace and confidence. 

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