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Break the mold.
One beauty standard at a time.

Imperfection is the new beauty standard.


We believe in embracing our authentic inner and outer beauty. Our mission is to inspire women to own their narrative of beauty.

Cheers to fearlessly expressing our true self.

Hi, I'm Krysha

I was born in a diverse community in Vancouver, Canada, where I was raised to celebrate all types of beauty. With this mindset, I advocate for full representation of all colors, shapes and sizes in the beauty industry.


Growing up, I faced judgement from others for being “too thin” and had to learn how to radiant own my inner beauty. Body shaming is never OK — and it happens even more often than you may think. From my personal experience, my mission is to redefine beauty in that every body is beautiful, and to raise our next generation to appreciate someone for who they are.

Hi, I'm Laila

Growing up, I was the only 'brown' kid in a small town in Okinawa, Japan, speaking only Japanese until the age of 12.


While living in 5 different cities across 3 continents, I was always the different one in the crowd. Often bullied for the colour of my skin, I struggled to feel beautiful and accepted.


In my own journey to self love, I have now made it a mission to support all women to feel beautiful and free to live their most authentic life.

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